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Wisconsin Native Pollinator Kits

Join Little Sweet Flower Farm to help support and protect our pollinators and natural Wisconsin landscapes.

Little Sweet Flower Farm has assembled beautiful and beneficial Wisconsin Native Pollinator kits.  We offer varying sizes to support your pollinator and gardening needs.  Native plant plugs have been organically sown by Mid Atlantic Native Plant Farm Inc. and grown with love and care by our farm.

Pollinator plants come in a compostable 3-inch pot to decrease our carbon footprint.  You can purchase an 8-pack, 16-pack, 32-pack, or 64-pack.  The pollinator kits will come with a garden design, information about the native plants, and instructions for planting and maintenance.  Each one has carefully been picked to supply pollinators with a consistent pollen and nectar supply from spring to fall.  Pollinator kits help to provide nectar and pollen for hummingbirds, bees, moths, butterflies, flies, and even some small mammals. They also provide water, shelter, and dwellings for pollinators to raise their young. 

Help Little Sweet Flower Farm bring back the native wildlife of our region while supporting pollinators with what they need to grow, develop, and thrive.   We have a limited number of kits available.  Order yours today while supplies last!


7086 County Rd MM

Larsen, WI 54947

Roadside Stand Hours
Closed for 2023 Season

The 2024 season hours have yet to be determined.  Check back in spring of 2024 for open hours or follow along on Facebook

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