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Wisconsin Native Pollinator
Build Your Own Kits

Join Little Sweet Flower Farm to help support and protect our pollinators and natural Wisconsin landscapes.

When selecting pollinator plants, here are some helpful hints to keep in mind:

  • Plant in groups to increase pollination efficiency

  • Plant with bloom season in mind.  Pollinators need to have a food source from spring to fall.

  • Have a diverse selection of flowers.  Flowers with different colors, textures, fragrances, heights, and different bloom schedules, will attract different varieties of pollinators and provide a food source all season long.

  • Group your plantings so pollinators can safely move and are protected from predators

  • Provide host plants for larval development

After Selecting Kit Size
Scroll Down to Choose Plants Below


Upon selecting the desired pack kit from the options above, proceed to customize your kit by choosing individual plants to fill it. Select the desired quantities for each plant before adding them to your cart. We kindly ask you to ensure that the total quantity of selected plants aligns with your chosen kit size. For detailed information about each plant, please refer to our WI Native Pollinator Plant Information page or click on the pictures below.


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