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How do I care for my fresh-cut flowers?

  1. Place flowers into a clean vessel of your choice.  Fill your vessel about 1/3 full of fresh water.  The more water there is, the greater chance of bacteria growing.

  2. Before placing your flowers into your vessel, cut the stems at an angle to allow water intake.  Use sharp scissors or pruners to ensure you are not crushing the stem’s ability to take in water.

  3. Change your water daily and recut the stems to help them take in water.  Certain flowers are dirtier than others and release more bacteria into the water.

  4. Keep your flowers cool.  Find a cool spot in the house.  Display your flowers away from sunlight, windows, and vents.

  5. Do not place your flowers in the refrigerator or near fruits or vegetables.  Fruits and vegetables create ethylene, which causes rapid aging in flowers. 

  6. Keep greenery and leaves out of the water.  When leaves are sitting in water, they begin to rot and bacteria will grow, thus aging the flowers.

  7. Some flower varieties will last longer than others.  If you notice a flower begins to fade, remove it from the bouquet and add it to your compost.  Do continue to enjoy the other blooms and foliage. 

  8. After your bouquet has been tossed or composted, be sure to thoroughly scrub your vase with hot water and a disinfectant soap to guarantee all bacteria has been removed.

How to Care for Fresh Cut Bouquets

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