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CSA Flower Bouquet Subscriptions

Little Sweet Flower Farm is excited to offer flower shares to our community, also known as a flower CSA.  A flower CSA (community supported agriculture) is an opportunity for community members to support their local farmers.  Customers join CSAs before the growing season begins.  Your payment and commitment to my farm would help cover overhead expenses.  This includes everything from bulbs, seeds, irrigation supplies, soil preparation, and anything else needed for growing beautiful flowers.  When you invest in Little Sweet Flower Farm, you are guaranteed flowers that are fresh from our fields, chemical free, and sustainably grown.  The flowers are hand-planted, hand-harvested, and hand-arranged for every bouquet.  Thank you for supporting my small business and sustainable flower farming!  I look forward to working with you and bringing delightful blooms into your life!

CSA Flower Subscriptions

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